HMCS Transcona

As noted by the Transcona Historical Museum:

Did you know that during WWII,
Transcona had a hand in the Battle of the Atlantic?
In an effort to boost morale and donations to fuel the war effort,
the Royal Navy held a contest for towns that stated,
“if they donated enough material
they would have a ship named after them”
The people of Transcona weren’t going to sit on the sidelines.
After donating money for cigarettes, food, and other supplies,
they earned their name on a bangor-class minesweeper!
Here is a picture of the brave crew of the HMCS Transcona!

HMCS Transcona Crew

from the Naval Museum of Manitoba

Built at Sorel and commissioned there on November 25, 1942, Transcona was the last Bangor class minesweeper to join the RCN. She arrived at Halifax on December 19, 1942, having escorted HMCS Provider enroute, and remained in shipyard hands there from December 22 to March 6, 1943, owing to engine defects. Following workups at Halifax, she was assigned in April, 1943, to WLEF and, in June, to newly created EG W-2. In May, 1944, she joined Halifax Force, remaining until June, 1945, after which she performed various local tasks until she was paid off at Sydney on July 31, 1945. During this period she was under refit and repair at Lunenburg from February to May, 1945. On September 1st, Transcona was transferred to the marine section of the RCMP and renamed “French”. She was finally paid off and sold for scrap at La Have, N.S., in 1961.

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