We play with paper cards – with early bird starting at 6:45pm,  and regular Bingo starting at 7:00pm

New games and prize payouts.

June 18th –  2018 prize payouts

Lucky 7 $1450.00 in 21 #s or less
Lucky Star $1175.00 2 line Bingo on a star
Mini Loonie $850.25+ Bingo called on pre-called #s
Bonanza $500.00 in 50 pre-drawn #s
Full House * $500.00   won in 52#s or less
With additional Strip* $588.00+ won in 52#s or less
*Played at same time  

June Dinner Menu

         Raffle for pies-   tickets sold on floor 

04 – Pizza by the slice – three toppings thin crust                           $3.25* 

11 – Rougeau Dog with Potato chips                                                      $3.50*

18 –  Potluck with your table 

” Theme Summer Picnic bring your favourite Picnic Food

25 – Summer Recess for food – Bingo is still on



Thursday Afternoon Bingo :


Last day for Thursday afternoon Bingo will be June 21st for summer recess,  will resume September 6, 2018

Smaller group games played mostly with 
hard cards and  bingo chips

bring a dabber for a few paper games

Soup, sandwiches & dessert are prepared  and served by Ladies Auxiliary.

Special raffles/draws 

There are some pie draws

Lucky 7 $515.00+ 21# or less
Full House $200.00+in 57#s or less
Mini Loonie $50.00