Poinsettia Fundraiser

Reminder orders and cash payment

need to be in by Nov 22nd

Christmas is just around the corner and the Branch is pleased to announce

that we have a fundraiser that involves selling Poinsettias.

Orders need to be in by November 22. Please see the Bar staff with your form

sheet filled out along with your cash payment

Poinsettia Fundraiser

  Jingle Bells, Marble, Peppermint, Pink and Red


Shelmerdine grown poinsettias
plants in a 6.5” pot size-$20.00 each
Festively decorated available in six dazzling colours





 Decorate your home with a festive 24″-30″ door swag of scented evergreens!

Shelmerdine’s signature blend of pine, balsam, cedar and fir is fragrant,

fresh, and finished with a bow.

Gift Cards available- $10 or $25 never expire and have no restrictions on
what they can be used towards: from outdoor/ indoor plants and services, to
decorative pots, giftware, garden tools, fountains and fashion.

Order forms at the Bar-paid in cash only-Orders in by Nov 22-Deliver Dec 06





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