Thursday Afternoon Bingo





December 13th was the last Bingo of the year.

This was a Christmas Party for all those in attendance.

Santa and his elves prepared and served a great meal. There were some
door prizes to be won and everyone had a great time… despite not winning
the big Lucky 7 Jackpot.

There is a small group of regulars that come every week, that have come to know
each other quite well, and enjoy their time at this Bingo.

The Ladies Auxiliary of our Branch prepare and sell a lunch consisting of sandwiches,
soup and homemade dessert each week.

This Bingo would not happen if our volunteer Bingo Co-Ordinator Karen was not
at the helm. Karen has one day off during the week and she has dedicated her time to
this Bingo. This Bingo provides an opportunity for those in the community who may
be able to get out in the evening to play Bingo. Karen also has a dedicated group of
volunteer helpers who come out each week.

This past Thursday our President Sharon presented to Karen a Certificate
of Appreciation on behalf of our Branch. She was deeply touched by this certificate.

Congratulation Karen you are very deserving of this award and we look forward to another
great year of Thursday afternoon Bingo with you.

*****REMINDER**** THIS BINGO IS ON A CHRISTMAS HIATUS AND WILL RESUME JANUARY 10, 2019. We play using hard cards with bingo chips and there are
a few paper cards games. The paper cards games are Lucky 7, Mini Loonie and Full House. We have available for sale bingo chips and dabbers at a reasonable cost. The doors open at 11 a.m. with the first games starting at Noon. The lunch is sold and served approximately 11 a.m. each week.


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