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Transcona had a significant number of men lost to this war-over 40 never returned home.  Our Branch has actively remembered our fallen at our Decoration Day in June and our Remembrance Day Service.

Comrade Martin, from our Branch, is very active within our Community ensuring “We Never Forget” our Veterans.

A new project he is working on is researching the names of Veterans who live within our Community and who served during WWII. The goal is to have a Honouray Street Named after them.

Today Transcona has 3 Honourary Street Names and there are more to come.


Andrushko Way- corner of Melrose and Wabasha (Stephen Andrushko)

Henry Golis Way -Regent W between Winona and Madeline

Robert Bullen Way -Rosseau between Hoka and Madeline .


If you know of a WWII Veteran who  currently resides within Transcona  please let Peter know by sending him an email at branch7@shaw.ca  subject  attn Peter Martin-Veterans.

Please provide the name and as much information as you can about the Veteran as well as your contact information. Peter will be in contact with you / our Veterans and meet once it is physically safe to to

Let us all remember the tragic losses that have recently taken place in our Country and continue to recognize the hard work that our Armed Forces-RCMP-Police-Fire Fighters-Ambulance -Front Line-Essential Workers continue to do for us.

The picture below shows merchandise available to purchase that commemorate VE Day. Our Branch will be able to order the Items below for you.


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