Message from President Dave Roy






As the ever-changing number of COVID 19 cases increases each day and in

keeping with the guidelines it has been recommended that we reduce the number

of Patrons within our Branch to 54. 

MASKS are mandatory in the Branch and can only be removed while

sitting at your table.

We want to ensure that our Veterans, Members and our great Community stay safe. 

We will continue to follow the Government guidelines.

There is only one entry into the Branch- the side door by the parking lot.

Once in the Branch it is mandatory to sign in with both your name and phone number.

Hand sanitize once signed in and every time you re-enter the Branch.


Social distancing

The table and chairs have been set up to meet the requirements.

Please do not move any of these.

There are arrows on the floor to help guide the flow within the Branch.

Tables and chairs are washed down after Patrons have left the Branch.

VLTs are also sanitized after a player has left the machines.

We are in an ever-changing world right now and are trying to ensure that we

follow all guidelines as outlined. Thank you for your patience.


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