Wreaths for Veterans

**REMINDER ALERT-November 29-December 5** 

Please be safe-respect distancing rules- wear a mask if other are around.


Wreaths for Veterans –



Every year Audrey and Peter Martin- Branch # 7 Members, invite the community to participate

in the laying of wreaths in the Field of Honour at the Transcona Cemetery, for the first Sunday

of December. In following with the current COVID 19 protocols this event will be modified.

This will be the 5th year for this special event.

The Martins hope that Legion Members and Transcona Citizen make or purchase natural Christmas

Wreaths. If families wish to make an artificial wreath that would be a wonderful, family project to create

during this COVID 19 lockdown. There will be stakes with hooks at both ends of each row in the Field of

Honour that can be used to hang the wreath. The wreath could also be laid against the headstone.

We ask that no one put any metal or stick anything on the monuments as it could mark

them badly and it is hard to clean. Anyone making an artificial wreath we ask if you come

and remove it sometime in January and perhaps save it for the next year. The artificial

ones are beautiful to see, we are concerned about the impact environmentally.

Peter has asked that all wreaths to be in placed by Sunday, December 6th, Pictures will be taken,

including a view from a drone. The pictures will be displayed on a number of Transcona websites and social media.

Our goal is to place a wreath on one of the 325 Veterans graves.

We are spreading out wreath laying for a week to minimize too many people gathering at the same time.

Please respect social distancing and wear a mask if others are around.

Below are some pictures from past wreath laying.




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