January Message from Branch

Greeting to our Veterans, Members and our Community


As our Branch remains closed our Secretary Linda, is coming in three days during the week for a couple of hours, making sure the business of our Branch is looked after.

We have for sale Legion masks and if you would like to purchase any please call 204-222-9951 to book a time to come down.

VETERANS AND MEMBERS who may need assistance please reach out to us at 204-222-9951

We look forward to the day we re-open our doors, welcoming everyone back to our Branch.

One thought on “January Message from Branch

  • hi..how are you/
    my name is daniel thornback and im currently ( last 15 years ) been researching my uncle sgt vince cleveland who was with the rcaf back in ww2 he was shot down and didnt come back to canada
    some of his crew survived and were taken prisoner of war
    one gentleman was sgt ken northcliffe of winnipeg …speaking to a person that ive been lucky to phone or write is mr stephen andrushko of 232 melrose there in winnipeg..
    he informed me that mr northcliffe was a member there at the legion.
    is there any information on mr northcliffe that i could call or write his family or to find out when he passed ( i was told 20 years ago )
    anyhow…mr andrushko found my letter years ago in lost trails section…
    so just tying up loose ends on my uncle vince cleveland
    thank you
    we love our legions !
    thank you for any info
    dan thornback

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