Membership Renewal

Sept 28th to Dec 5th

ALL membership renewals for

any year only  $40

New Memberships only $40

0 thoughts on “Membership Renewal

  • John Dempster says:

    Hi there. I hope all is well, and I look forward to whe the branch is finally reopened.
    I am also wondering how to go about renewing my membership for 2021?

  • Hi John, Our secretary is usually at the Branch Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for a couple hours after 11am if you’d like to pay your membership in person. You can call ahead at 204-222-9951 before you come if you want to be sure she’s there. If that doesn’t work for you then it is possible to pay your membership online at With this method you’ll have to validate your account with your Legion number listed on your card but this is fairly easy to do. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to renew with a credit card. Hope this help.

  • Barbara Culbertson says:

    I would like to mail in my membership first of all how much and the mailing address, too sick to come in in or drive there.

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