Vimy Ridge


April 9,1917 is the date that soldiers of the Canadian Corps began their role in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

There were many key components to the success of the Corps-from leadership, planning and preparation for this operation. A huge underground tunnel system was built that helped protect our troops. The Royal Flying Corp were involved in aerial reconnaissance which provided the necessary photographs. There were some new technological innovations and the four Canadian division fought together as a unified force-the first time in history.

It took four days before the Canadian Corps had successful taken control of Vimy Ridge. There were many casualties and lives lost.

France granted the land to Canada in 1922 in perpetuity as a Memorial to the soldiers of the First World War. The memorial is referred to as the Vimy Ridge National Historic Site of Canada

The remains of the Unknown Soldier that lies in the Tomb, in front of the National War Museum, are those of an unidentified Canadian Soldier who had been buried near Vimy Ridge in France.                                                            

The Federal Government has declared that April 9 as Vimy Ridge Day. This day we honour and remember those that fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  The flag on the Peace Tower will be lowered at half-mast.

Our flag will also be lowered this Friday for the weekend.

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