Campaign for “No Stone Alone”

On November 7th, 2016 at 10 am there will be a Ceremony at the Transcona Field of Honor in the Transcona Cemetery.

Approximately 200 school children will attend and place a cross and poppy on each of the graves of the military personnel that returned from war and lived their lives being buried in this Field of Honor.

The Transcona Legion will perform a service, the color party will march on the Colors and the President of the Legion will present a wreath at the cenotaph.


Peter Martin – Co-ordinator for this campaign —

I have been appointed by the Transcona Legion to coordinate the distribution
of speakers who will address School assemblies on November 10
th about the significance of Remembrance Day.

I was also asked to coordinate the initiative called “No Stone Left Alone” which started in Alberta in 2011.

The “No Stone Left Alone “ Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization working directly with our Canadian Armed Forces, educators across the country, and numerous volunteers to EDUCATE, ACT and HONOUR our military fallen that lay in the Fields of Honour across Canada.

The purpose is to recognize the sacrifices of our military and place a poppy, the symbol of Remembrance on every headstone. Through our ceremonial efforts, our main goals are to educate and engage the next generation, as well as to help raise awareness and funds for our Canadian veterans, serving soldiers and their families.

2016 marks the 6th annual commemoration ceremonies for No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation.

This year the Transcona Legion has decided to participate in this initiative in conjunction with the River East Transcona School Division. I have also received participation interest from Emanuel Christian School and Balmoral MB school.

On Monday, November 7th at 10:00am over 400 Grade 6 students will arrive at the Transcona Cemetery for the brief ceremony cumulating with the placing of poppies at the foot of each soldier’s grave in the Fields of Honour. Many graves will have two students standing in honour of the soldier which will make for an impressive sight.

As I was planning this ceremony, I realized that not all Transcona soldiers are buried in the Fields of Honour in our cemetery, as some are buried with family members elsewhere. I do not want these brave citizens to be forgotten during our ceremony.

If any person who has a family member or friend that served our Country in Military service and they are not buried in the Fields of Honour, we encourage you to attend our ceremony on November 7th. You will receive a poppy from the Transcona Legion that you can place on the grave of someone who served that also deserves our thanks and appreciation.

We suggest that you arrive before 10:00am and go up to any Legion member to obtain your poppy and then proceed to the grave of your loved one and place the poppy at the foot of their grave.

We feel that this ceremony involving students will connect them in a more powerful way to those Transcona citizens who served their country.


Legion Members Sent Packages to Deployed Military Personel

Members of Transcona Legion send packages to Military Personnel Deployed in Other Countries.

All items were donated and 50 shoe boxes were put together containing items for daily needs, books, playing cards, Christmas cards from members and treats and goodies.

It is planned that these packages will arrive to the personnel in time for Christmas.

Thank-you to all those that donated and thanks to Tova White for co-ordinating this event and to Joan Sylvester, Fiona Olsen, Heather Admson and Mikki Belndiuk for packaging the items.

Boxes for Troops oct 2017

Heather Admson, Fiona Olsen, Joan Sylvester, Tova

Heather Admson, Fiona Olsen, Joan Sylvester, Tova

Mikki Blendiuk

Mikki Blendiuk

Joan Sylvester

Joan Sylvester

Boxes for Troops oct 2016


Volunteers for Poppy Campaign Needed

Poppy Campaign Needs Volunteers — Soon we will be getting ready for the Poppy Campaign which happens just before Remembrance Day November 11.
The Poppy Campaign is one of the Royal Canadian Legion’s
most important programs. There are many volunteers needed for this campaign. Money raised from poppy donations provide direct assistance for ex-service men and women (Veterans) as well as funding for medical appliances and research, home services, care facilities and numerous other purposes.
Please call Transcona Legion at 204-222-9951, and leave your name and phone number to volunteer to assist in the campaign.
You do not have to be a Legion member to help in this great cause and you will only have to offer the Poppies for a period of two hours. We have many stores and locations in our area, and it is difficult to cover all of them, so many volunteers are needed.
****Make this the year —–the year that you volunteer.

Thank-you     and    REMEMBER    TO    THANK   A   VETERAN.

Be an Early Bird Renew Now – Membership

There are many ways the Legion gives, and by joining you give too! When you join the Legion, you support the many services we offer to Veterans, serving military, RCMP Members, and their families.
Veterans put their lives on the line for their country; becoming a member of the Legion is the ultimate way to show your appreciation for that service.
Your membership also helps provide essential services within our communities, including seniors support services, housing and care for the elderly, drop-in centres, Cadets, youth and sport programs, and much more.
Go to www.Legion.caand download the membership form and come down to the branch.
Renewals are underway at the branch. Pay your early bird by November 30th for a chance to win back your membership on Levy Day, January 1, 2017. There will be 10 draws for free membership, 6 for people in attendance and 4 do not have to be in attendance.

Faye Jashyn (as written in the Transcona Views Issue October 2016)

Legion 90th Anniversary

Ladies Auxiliary President Shelby Hanuschuk presents Transcona Legion President Cam Wortman with a plaque for their 90th Birthday.  the Ladies Auxiliary also presented a cheque for $500.00.


Legion News Update

Good Evening Members,

 1.      Sunday, October 1 The Transcona Legion Celebrated its 90th Anniversary with a lovely dinner and presentation. Included in the event was a presentation from Ladies Auxiliary President Shelby Hanuschuk along with a donation to the branch.  The picture is attached, just click on it.

 2.       Ladies Auxiliary Fall Tea will be held Sunday, October 30th at 1:00pm. All our welcome to attend.

 3.       Volunteers are desperately needed to work at the meat draws on Saturday and Monday bingo to keep programs running. No experience is necessary as training will be provided. The Transcona Legion relies on many volunteers in order to provide service to the community. If you can donate any time please call the branch and leave your name and number and someone will call you.

 4.       Reminder that the Branch will be closed on Monday, October 10th for Thanksgiving.

 5.       Upcoming events to add to your calendar include: Remember Day Service, November 11th at East End Community Club (different location). Santa Breakfast on December 4th, Poppy Campaign will need volunteers, November general meeting, Honors and Awards night (Oct. 28) and Elections on December 1st.  More information to follow.

 Thank you.

Support Your legion!

Nov 11th – Remembrance Day Service

Poppy  This year 2016



The Remembrance Day Service will be held at the

East End Arena and Community Club


NOT the Blessed Scacrament Church as it has been in the past


Further details will be advised as they become available

Transcona Legion Presents Transcona Sea Cadets with cheque

Transcona Legion representative  Comrade Les Issacs presented the RCSCC 350 Transcona Corps with a cheque to support them with their upcoming year.

Below is a thank-you note received from them:

Please pass along our sincere gratitude to the entire Transcona Legion for your ongoing generosity and support of RCSCC 350 Transcona.  We are heading into another strong year and it would not be possible without the support of the community and our valued partnership with the Legion.
We are grateful to be able to involve the youth in our Corps with the valuable community service the Legions provide.
It is always our pleasure to see you.

Dawn Berry
President- Navy League of Canada
Transcona Branch





Christmas gift packages for Deployed Troops

The Transcona Legion is collecting items and creating care packages to the Troops that are deployed overseas.

If you wish to send Christmas cards to include with the package that is acceptable.

You may obtain a list of these items at the Transcona Legion.

Please have them at the Legion by Oct 1st.


HMCS Transcona

As noted by the Transcona Historical Museum:

Did you know that during WWII,
Transcona had a hand in the Battle of the Atlantic?
In an effort to boost morale and donations to fuel the war effort,
the Royal Navy held a contest for towns that stated,
“if they donated enough material
they would have a ship named after them”
The people of Transcona weren’t going to sit on the sidelines.
After donating money for cigarettes, food, and other supplies,
they earned their name on a bangor-class minesweeper!
Here is a picture of the brave crew of the HMCS Transcona!

HMCS Transcona Crew

from the Naval Museum of Manitoba

Built at Sorel and commissioned there on November 25, 1942, Transcona was the last Bangor class minesweeper to join the RCN. She arrived at Halifax on December 19, 1942, having escorted HMCS Provider enroute, and remained in shipyard hands there from December 22 to March 6, 1943, owing to engine defects. Following workups at Halifax, she was assigned in April, 1943, to WLEF and, in June, to newly created EG W-2. In May, 1944, she joined Halifax Force, remaining until June, 1945, after which she performed various local tasks until she was paid off at Sydney on July 31, 1945. During this period she was under refit and repair at Lunenburg from February to May, 1945. On September 1st, Transcona was transferred to the marine section of the RCMP and renamed “French”. She was finally paid off and sold for scrap at La Have, N.S., in 1961.

transcona  hmcs  3

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