Annual Chili Cook off

Come out to the Legion for its annual  Chili Cook off

Enter your best Chili and win prizes

Bring in your HOT  Chili in by 5:30 pm

February 5,  at the Transcona Legion

only $5.00 for a bowl of Chili you be the judge.

The patrons will be the judges,  come and vote for the best.

Remembrance Day Poster and Essay Contest at Immanuel Christian School

Transcona Legion was at Immanuel Christian School presenting award winners with their Certificates for the Poppy Contest for Posters and Essays they prepared and submitted.


Three Generations “The Panting family”

On Friday, March 27th, three generations of the Panting Family celebrated the initiation of two members.

WWII Veteran  Tom Panting witnessed the Initiation of  his son, Richard Panting and his grandson, Chad Panting at the Honour, Awards & Initiation night, along with 20 new members for the Transcona Legion.



Thomas William Panting (WWII Veteran)
— RCAF — Tail Gunner for a Lancaster Bomber)
—  born on 25 August 1925 in Winnipeg. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943, trained as a gunner, and served in Canada and England with 106 Squadron Metheringham and 630 Squadron East Kirby.
He went on 24 bombing missions over Germany, France, East Prussia, Norway, Holland and also to Heimbach Dam in Germany.
On 13 January 1945, Thomas and his crew were flying to Stettin, Germany when an engine caught fire. The crew had to parachute out. Thomas was the second-last to jump, followed by the pilot. The crewmate before him jumped, but tragically rolled directly into a running engine. Thomas remained where he was standing, frozen from the sight. The pilot, behind him, booted Thomas so hard that he fell a safe distance from the plane. They landed in Sweden where they were interned for two months before returning to England on 19 March 1945. Thomas was discharged with the rank of Warrant Officer-2 and was awarded the 1939-1945 Star, the France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and the 1939-1945 War Medal. Thomas William Panting is a member of the Transcona Legion and has been for over 35 years. Also recently was awarded the 75th Anniversary World War II pin.


Veteran celebrates Birthday

WWII Veteran Paul Martin celebrated his 95th birthday at the Honour, Awards& Initiation night.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

Rememberance Day Parade and Service

Transcona Legion Parade Nov 11th 2014


The Transcona Legion is holding their annual Rememberance Day Parade and Service on November 11, 2014.

The Parade forms up outside the Legion at 10:20 am  then marches to the Blessed Scacrament Church for a Service to start at 11:00 am.  After the Service  the parade will march back to the Legion.

Nov Parade 2014


Transcona Pipe Band  in Nov 11 Parade






Transcona Pipes and Drums on Parade


Please view pictures of our beautifully decorated for a Wedding recently in the  Moroz Hall at the Legion.

You too can rent the Hall for a reasonable price.  Please contact the Transcona Legion at 204-222-9951.

Hall decorated for Wedding


Hall 3


halll 4


Moroz Hall





National Day of Honour

“National Day of Honour” for the Afghanistan Veterans   on  Friday, May 9th


Doors open at 10:45 am.  

Ceremony at Noon  

 Light Lunch to be served.

 All Veterans and Members are welcome to attend.

 The Service Men and Women from 17 Wing, Winnipeg will be attending.


A Veteran Passes on the Torch of Remembrance

My father Paul Martin is over 93 years old and was born and raised in Transcona. When he was 19 years old he joined the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. He came ashore during the first wave of the D–Day landings on Juno Beach.

My father lost a number of Transcona school friends during the war and made a pledge that when he returned home he would let future generations know about what his comrades and other veterans did.

My father has kept his promise for the last 35 years by speaking to students at Transcona schools in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day.

The first school he spoke at so many years ago was Central School and this year, on Nov. 7, while speaking at École Centrale, he announced he was retiring from this role and asked the younger generations to keep his message of remembrance flowing.

My father asked the students if they saw him on the street to offer him a silent salute of thanks. When he finished his speech there was no applause but most hands in the room moved into a silent salute. Only after the salute did applause follow.

As my father headed down the hallway, using his walker, a line of students and parents formed on each side of him. As he passed, each person saluted a soldier who cared about preserving the memory and sacrifices of all those who served and especially for the ultimate sacrifice given by so many.

There is no doubt my father has touched many lives during the years. In fact, just before he spoke, a man approached to shake his hand and let him know that he remembered hearing the school talks as he was growing up and that now his daughter was hearing the same message. What a legacy.

My father has always been a patriotic Canadian and he has a tall flagpole in his back yard where the Canadian flag proudly flies.

A couple of weeks before Remembrance Day, my father noticed the flag had begun to tear and fray at the edges, so he placed a call to his member of Parliament, Lawrence Toet, to help him find a replacement. Within a few days, MP Toet was at my father’s house with a brand new flag. My father was struck by the fact Mr. Toet actually came to his house. What was really surprising was that a politician could do something so special and not invite media.

Thank you, Lawrence, for doing that for my father. He was touched.

I would ask all those who have seen my father speak at their school over the past three or more decades to offer a silent salute when they see him. He will know what it means.

That is all he wants and that is really what all soldiers want and deserve — a salute of thanks and appreciation. My father has retired but his message must carry forward and he has entrusted the role to younger generations.

I have met with the Transcona Legion, Branch No. 7 leaders and we will be seeking individuals of all ages to be part of speaker training before Remembrance day, 2014.

We will work with you, provide the information needed and actually provide training on presentation skills and techniques.

If you are interested in being part of the speaker team, please contact me through the Transcona Legion.

Peter Martin is president of the Transcona Historical Museum, president of the Transcona Playground Renewal Association and carrier of the Torch of Remembrance for the Transcona Legion Branch No. 7

Paul Martin - World War II  War Veteran

Paul Martin – World War II War Veteran

Remembrance Day Service

Transcona Legion attends a Remembrance Day Service at John Gunn School on November 7th, 2013.

Transcona Legion attends Remembrance Day Service at John Gunn School 2013

Transcona Legion attends Remembrance Day Service at John Gunn School 2013

Life Membeship Awarded

Life Membership awarded to Comrade Darwin Armstrong, by President, Comrade Celeste West on October 18th, 2013.

Life Membership awarded to Comrade  Darwin Armstrong, presented by President, Comrade Celeste West in  October, 2013.

Life Membership awarded to Comrade Darwin Armstrong, presented by President, Comrade Celeste West in October, 2013.


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