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The Transcona Legion has been giving back to the community and veterans for over 90 years and by joining you can be a part of that! As a member of the Legion you will be part of an organization that strives to better the lives of our veterans, serving military and their families. We offer many different services to the community including senior housing, medical aids such as scooters for loan, support to Cadets and much more. Download a Membership Application from above, fill it out and bring it into the Branch. Our Membership only costs $45 a year and offers access to a great atmosphere for cribbage, darts, pool or simply a relaxing conversation with Friends.

Being a member with the Legion affords you the opportunity to some great benefits.

You can locate this information by going to the internet and search for  “Member Benefits Partners-legion ca”  it will take you to the benefit packages available to you as a member. If you are not a member of the Legion please stop in at our Branch and we will be happy to assist you in applying for membership. Below you will see the different categories of membership.



How do I Join? 

There are 3 types of Memberships:

1. You may join as an Ordinary member, if you have ever been in any branch of the Armed Forces, and were honorably discharged.  This also includes the Reserve Forces.  You can also join if you are or were a member of a Police Force.

2. You can join as an Associate member, if you had a member of your family in the forces.  This includes Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, any Grandparent, or an Uncle or Aunt.  You may also join if you are/were a member if a regular or volunteer Fire Department for at least a one year period.

 3.  Affiliate Voting Member is open to any Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject who is of federal  voting age and who is not eligible for ordinary or associate membership.


***Membership Dues are to be renewed by the Nov 30th in order to remain in good standing.
Early Bird Membership drive is active from September 1st to November 30th.  Any member renewing their dues during this time is eligible to go into a draw to have their dues reimbursed. The draw takes place on Levee Day on New Year’s Day.

If you are recent Cadet Graduate or are still serving or retired CAF or RCMP member who has not been a member of the Legion there is a special promotion for you. One year free Legion membership to Welcome you to the Legion. Forms are available on our Dominion Website- Search for Free Membership for CAF and RCMP or graduating Cadets. Once you have your new card you can come down to our Branch to have your membership transfered to Branch # 7.



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  • I would like to pay for my due from 2018 and 2019. Can I do this with my credit card over the phone? I have been on the website and renewed for 2020 but when I put in my prior 2 years it took the payment and then renewed 2021 and 2022. If the website cannot renew prior years there should not be a place to enter any prior years and the payment should not process with the prior years included. I thought it was accepting the prior year due since it showed 2 prior year with a total of $135.00. very misleading

  • Hi Peggy,

    The Dominion Command website seems to be having problems processing renewals for prior years so we’ve had a couple other members that have faced this issue. We don’t accept credit cards through the Branch but if you could email us at with your name, phone number and a brief run down of what happened. Our Secretary has been coming into the Branch to check emails and phone messages so she can call you and try to help you sort out the computer error, I believe she’ll have to call Dominion on your behalf. Hope this helps. Take care

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