No Stone Left Alone… Thank you from Peter Martin

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the people in organizing and the running the NSLA (No Stone Left Alone) ceremony. This event would not have happened without the team effort. I want to extend my thank you to all of you.

Firstly, to thank Ray Likte for accompanying me on this journey.

The Grade 6 students that were explained about the ceremony and  taught how to do a proper salute, They did a great job.

The Volunteers who came out Sunday night to help plant flags at the foot of each grave.

The Volunteers from Branch # 7 who brought out and set up the sound system. Chairs were brought from the Branch so that the Veterans were able to sit at the Cemetery. Poppies were handed out to all those in attendance.

When the buses arrived, they were greeted by both Darlene Beddington & Ray who provided instructions to the students.

Tova Anderson made and donated a bag of stones with hand painted poppies on each. These were given to number of students and some of them were placed on the grave stones.  A very special touch.

The Colour Party, with representatives from the Branch and Ladies Auxiliary, were marched in by Sergeant -At-Arms Sheri Armour.

Sgt. Jason Martin, RCMP for lowering and raising the flag during the ceremony.

Scott Stroh, Afghanistan Veteran who brought his tribute truck, always a hit.

48th Brigade Group for being such a visible part of the ceremony and for their continued service to our Country.

Cornelius Thiessen who offered to take pictures and has posted some on Facebook.

President Sharon Mortimer of Branch # 7 for being available to open the hall for the numerous  meetings and for being part of the agenda.

Remembrance Week Activities

Volunteers from our Branch will be out handing out Poppies within the Community

November 5No Stone Left Alone at the Field of Honour in the Transcona Cemetery.

Everyone is welcome to witness this momentous event starting at 10:00 a.m.

Grade 6 students arrive 9:30 a.m.

Please review our Website for any up to date information Sunday Nov 04th.

We may be reaching out to our Members/Community to help us out with some


November 5 Our Colour Party will take part, at Kildonan Place in a Remembrance Ceremony hosted by the Transcona Museum at Centre Court start time noon.


November 11th, Our annual Remembrance Day Service. We will start Remembrance Day by marching from our Branch at 10:00 a.m. We will march east on Regent, south on Leola and then east on Pandora to the East End Arena. We ask all attending the service to please be seated by 10:30 a.m. The service and the laying of the wreaths should be completed by 12:00 p.m. We will not parade back to the Branch. All activities will be held at the arena. Normally our

Branch is not opened on a Sunday we will be opened after the service. Members and their  guests are welcome to come back to the Branch.

As the sun goes down, we mark the 100th Anniversary with the ringing of 100 bells.  St George Orthodox Church on 121 Harvard St E will be ringing their bells in recognition of this momentous event.

When you hear the bells toll please take a moment to remember all those who have served
and what they have sacrificed.


Breakfast with Santa (members of Branch 7)


             18th Annual Breakfast with Santa

                Reminder tickets need to be purchased by Nov 15


Sunday December 16, 2018

10:00am – 12:00pm

For our Children and Grandchildren

Ages 10 yrs – baby size


Child gift is $11.00 each

Breakfast is $5.00 each

Breakfast  3-10 yrs is $3.00

Children 2 yrs and under eat free

The Deadline is November 15, 2018 

Please see the bar for details & Tickets