Legion Week


Our Branch will be participating in their annual “Legion Week” September 22 -28th inclusive.

We typically start our week with the Veteran’s from our Branch attending a special dinner prepared by our Ladies Auxiliary.
Wednesday September 25th our Branch will be hosting Veterans from the Deer Lodge
Hospital and Park Manor along with members from the 17th Wing. This event is open to all
members of the Branch as well as our Community. This is a great opportunity to meet and talk
with our Veterans. They have some interesting stories and experiences to tell. There will be some of the Executive there but our focus is on our special guests. The doors for this event open at 11 a.m. with light refreshments provided by our Ladies Auxiliary.

The General Meeting of the Branch will be held on Thursday September 26th 7:30 p.m.
in the Clubroom open to all members. Please remember to have your current membership
card available.

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