Wreaths in Field of Honour





Christmas Wreaths 

                WhoAudrey and Peter Martin invite our Community

                What: Place a Christmas Wreath on Veterans Grave

                When:  Dec 1st 2019 at 1:00 p.m.

                Where : Field of Honour Transcona Cemetery

                Why:  Express our appreciation to those who served                


    The Martin’s invite our great Community to join them by bringing a real   Christmas Wreath to place on one of the 325 Veterans Graves in our

    Field of Honour-Transcona Cemetery.

     The Cemetery Management have installed stakes at the end of each row

    with hooks on each side for hanging of wreaths. You are welcome to

    place a wreath on a gravestone in between the stakes. There will be

    small Canadian Flags if you wish to attach to your wreath.


The event is informal with the goal to have a wreath at every gravestone.  Everyone in attendance will be able to see the board showing the names of the 119 Transcona Soldiers that are buried in Europe. Wreaths will also be placed by the Board. The Board will be removed at the end of December

and placed in safe keeping over the winter months. A group photo will be taken of all the participants. If anyone is unable to attend on December 1st please feel free to go before or after this date and post a selfie if you want.

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